RMS Technologies Products / Microstepping Drivers / R701/R710 DRIVER
Bipolar Step Motor Driver
Operates from 24 to 80 VDC
Phase current ranges from 1 to 7 Amps AND 0.3 to 2 Amps
10 Microstepping Driver
Optically isolated Step, Direction, and Disable/Enable Inputs
Selectable Current Reduction of 33%
Low Power Dissipation
Step Frequency of 200 kHz
Efficient Current Control
Power-on Indicator
Power Disable/Enable Control
Sinusoidal current waveform
Low Cost Driver
R710 - includes a built-in Step Pulse Multiplier board

The R710 has the same features as the R701 plus two additional features:

  • Input Option Header - allows the use of a Common Ground or a Common +5VDC for optically isolated inputs
  • Step Pulse Multiplier - will always output 10 microstepping, even with a step input of Full Step, Half Step, 5 Microstep, or 10 Microstep. The user no longer needs to change their original setup to get microstepping. Simply select the desired step multiplier of 1, 2, 5 or 10; to achieve the 10 microstepping output from the driver, while maintaining the rotational speed that you had in your original setup.
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: +24 to 80 VDC
  • DRIVE CURRENT(PER PHASE): 0.3 to 2 Amps OR 1 to 7 Amps
  • ISOLATED INPUTS: Step Clock, Direction, Enable & Disable
Pin Number Function
1 Power Ground
2 +24 to 80 VDC
3 A Phase
4 A Bar Phase
5 B Phase
6 B Bar Phase
7 Disable
8 Direction
9 Step
10 +5 VDC
11 Current Set
12 Current Set
To set the Current with the Correct Resistor, use the following Table:
Current (Amps) Resistance (Ohms)
1 8.2K
2 18K
3 36K
4 62K
5 120K
6 270K
7 Open
List of Components:
  • R701/R710 Driver
  • Power Supply (+24 to 80 VDC)
  • Signal Generator (Pulse or Function Generator)
  • +5 VDC Power Supply
  • One 2-Phase Bipolar Step Motor
Connection Specifications:

1. Begin by connecting your step motor to the R701 Driver. For wiring specifications, visit Support Wiring.

2. If using a function generator, connect the positive end to Pin 9, Step. Connect the negative end of the generator to the negative of your 5 volt power supply.

3. Take the +5 VDC power supply, and connect the positive end to Pin 10, the Opto.

4. Finally, connect your main power supply. Use Pin 2 for the Positive Terminal and use Pin 1 for the Negative Terminal.

  • The Motor is in Holding Position, but does not rotate:

  • This means that Power is being supplied to the driver and motor, so the power supply is OK. However, the signal generator might be causing the problem. Try changing the signal to TTL. If this doesn't help, is the external +5 VDC Power connected?
R701 $156.00
R710 $198.00
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